“Discover easy habits to keep the planet wholesome”

“The cleaner Our Planet  is, the more we thrive as healthy humans”

Diseased planet, diseased people.

We are pumping out too many toxins.

We are a direct reflection of our environment.

Time to change some habits



Be a role model for your family and friends. Especially your kids.
You may think your actions don’t matter

YES they do!

Be the wise changemaker

The solution is to lower our consumption.  

Do we really need that product?  

Do we really need to eat meat everyday?  

Do we really need that plastic straw, bag or disposable cup?  

How do we make these changes?  Where do I start?

Learn the Ropes - Green Tips

Right now we can change our ways and this is how we do it

Sustainable Society   “Serving our needs without compromising the ability of future generations”

Purchase Power!

 Our purchasing influences what products companies sell us.  

We want healthier for our families and our planet. If we buy more of these types of products, companies will produce more of it.

If we reduce the demand of toxic products, the supply decreases and they’ll stop making them.

Let’s show them with our purchasing power what we really want.

Let’s make what we buy count.

Reducing your Purchasing!

Do you really need that?  Save tons of money and reduce waste.

 When the product is in your hand, ask yourself first:

 1.  Is this product going to add value to my life? Do I really need it?

2.  Will my money be better spent elsewhere?

3. Where is this product going to be in a years time? Landfill, or can it be repurposed?

4.  What’s it made from, where is it made (is it non-toxic, biodegradable, fair-trade or sweatshop?)

Responsibly and purposefully creating the life you want

Changing your life into a more loving positive direction will have an incredible uplifting effect on your life.   Being in that positive vibrational state will affect others around you to want to make changes as well. Hence, changing yourself is changing the world around you.

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